One of the definitive characteristics of old St. Petersburg architecture is the prominent but harmonic use of monumental and decorative art, both in public and private spaces. During the period lasting from the 18-20th century, a vast number of palaces, government buildings, churches, and luxury hotels of the young Russian capital were decorated with frescos, tapestries and paintings especially designed for each site. As a result, the quantity of art interacting with St. Petersburg architecture is quite impressive.

Today, when it is obvious that hi-tech amenities and modern interiors are unable to replace the sense of warmth and craftsmanship imparted to architecture by original art, a need arises to remember traditions.

FoRUS, an association of four artists, has long been working to fulfill this need. Sergei Repin, Ivan Uralov, Vasily Sukhov, and Nikita Fomin (whose surnames form the acronym FoRUS) work together with architects on restoration projects in the historical center of St. Petersburg, and on contemporary construction projects, both public and domestic, to create a plan of unified art and architecture.

Among such projects are the hotels "Astoria", "Europe", "Nevsky Palace", and "St.Petersburg", for which FoRUS created paintings and frescos. In the Mariinsky Palace - the St. Petersburg Mayor's office - FoRUS had the delicate job of creating and installing a modern piece of art for a restored, historical interior. FoRUS creates in each case a unique artistic image based on strong classical training, a thorough analysis of the architectural situation and the tradition of art in St. Petersburg, without ignoring modern artistic discoveries.

The artists of the FoRUS group are members of the Russian Artists' Union and are professors of the Academy of Fine Arts. They are winners of the State awards of Russia. Artworks by these prolific artists have been shown in more than 200 exhibitions in Russia, Europe, Asia and the USA. Their creations are in private collections and permanent collections of museums worldwide.

The joint creation of monumental art by these four artists is closely interconnected with their individual artistic endeavours. The members of FoRUS enrich their joint projects with a complementary combination of temperaments, aspirations and strengths. At the same time, the achievements of joint creative activities enrich the personal works of each artist, helping them to get to know and evaluate themselves.

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